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Knitting Needles

Become a TESTER

Apply to Become a Test Knitter:

I am looking for a diverse pool of test knitters and all experience levels, races, ages, genders, sizes, and body types are welcome and wanted!

Some things to know:

  • Test knitters must have active, public accounts on Ravelry and Instagram with regular updates and clear photos.  Having your test knits photo'd on a person, (whether it's you or someone else), is a plus.

  • I am less concerned with the number of followers you have on Instagram than whether your account looks/feels authentic, features at least some knitting/crocheting, and you are actively engaged with your followers.

  • Your skill level and experience as a test knitter is not a deterrant! 

  • I need testers across the spectrum to accurately test a pattern. I ask for this information because I want to be sure I'm covering the spectrum for each pattern.

  • There will be lots of tests, so if you're not chosen for one it's likely there will be another opportunity down the line!

  • You will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire regarding the pattern you've tested.


Unfortunately I'm not yet at a point where I can offer yarn support or monetary compensation, but each tester will receive the following upon completion of the project, (finished item, photos posted to Ravelry and Instagram, and completed feedback form, etc):

  • Finished item is yours to keep

  • Final copy of pattern that was tested

  • One free pattern from my collection

  • Interested? Then please click below.

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